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Code of Conduct

皇冠app图书馆行为准则旨在为所有读者创造一个安全、安静的环境. The library and its contents is a shared resource and, as such, requires all patrons to treat it, and the other patrons who use it, with respect and consideration. Library users are responsible for informing themselves of library policies. This code applies to all users of the Biola Library, including faculty, staff and members of the community. Thank you for your cooperation.

Use of the Library

只允许以使用图书馆资源或学习为目的进入图书馆. Soliciting or loitering is not permitted. Audio recording, videotaping, 除非得到明确授权,否则不允许摄影和其他视听记录.

Filming/Recording in the Library

Audio recording, videotaping, 除非得到明确授权,否则不允许摄影和其他视听记录. To obtain permission, submit a Library Filming and Recording Request. If approved by the Dean of the Library, you will be asked to complete a release form before filming or recording begins.


图书馆工作人员或校园安全人员要求图书馆使用者出示有效身份证件. 在校学生、教职员工进入图书馆时,必须随身携带身份证.

Study Environments

Students study in main floor open area

The Biola Library provides its users with a variety of study spaces. 图书馆的工作人员可以帮助用户选择适合他们需要的学习区域. Collaboration areas, where minimal conversation is expected, are located in the middle and upper levels of the library. Quiet areas are located in the Reading Room and lower level. 任何干扰他人学习的噪音或活动(如说话、噪音音乐等).) is inappropriate in designated quiet areas. 请您礼貌地提醒他人保持适当的噪音. 图书馆工作人员会协助你维持适当的学习环境.

Reading Room and Mezzanine

Quiet study area

The Reading Room and Mezzanine are spaces provided for quiet study, reading, reflection, and other activities. 允许使用静音键盘(如软触摸键盘)的个人电脑. 阅览室有时可能无法在图书馆或校园活动中使用.

Group Study Rooms

Students collaborating in study room

Group study rooms are available on the upper and lower levels of the library. Study rooms are intended for collaborative study and group projects. Faculty and staff needing space for classes, meetings, or events should contact Campus Coordination to find appropriate space on campus. 两人或两人以上的小组可以通过有效的Biola电子邮件地址在线预订学习室. Individuals may not reserve a study room for personal use. Individual study is permitted in group study rooms; however, a group 有有效预订的客人可以要求任何没有预订的客人立即空出房间.

图书馆保留取消非biola用户或任何不允许使用房间的人的预订的权利. The Library is not responsible for the security of personal items. Any items left in rooms after the end of the reservation period 可能被图书馆工作人员移走,放在图书馆的失物招领处或带到校园安全处. Group study rooms are not soundproof. Please keep noise at a reasonable level. Failure to comply with established policies may result in suspension of group study room privileges and/or other library privileges.

Cell Phones and Pagers

带进图书馆的手机和寻呼机必须关闭或调成静音模式. Patrons may take calls in stairwells or on the Study Terrace.

Food and Drinks

Biola图书馆允许使用有盖容器的饮料和个人零食大小的食物,前提是在尊重图书馆财产和其他人的情况下消费. All other foods and drinks must be consumed in the Heritage Café, the library entry lobby, the Library Terrace, the Library Food Court, or outside the library.


  • Food: Snack foods are permitted.
  • Beverages: Lids are required; spill-proof containers with secure lids are preferred.
  • Clean it up: wipe up messes, throw away or recycle your food containers and trash. 所有的厕所都有纸巾,整个图书馆都有垃圾桶.
  • "No Fault Policy:" 如有意外发生,请立即通知图书馆工作人员,以便皇冠app确保图书馆的资料, furniture and carpeting are properly cleaned.
  • Eating non-snack foods: Library staff reserve the right to ask anyone eating non-snack foods or food, 停止进食,把食物扔掉或移到图书馆指定的用餐区域. Anyone refusing to put or throw 离开他或她的食物,或移动到食物指定的区域,将被要求离开图书馆.
  • Delivery of food 不允许到图书馆,除了预定的,在图书馆举行的活动.


  • Permitted beverage containers include:
    • disposable cups or bottles with secure lids
    • plastic or glass bottles with twist-on lids
    • travel mugs and sport-type water bottles
  • Permitted food items include:
    • individual snack-sized containers of chips, fruit, vegetables, cookies, candy, nuts and other snack foods
    • candy bars, granola bars and power bars
    • small whole fruits, such as apples or bananas
  • Unacceptable food items include:
    • excessively aromatic foods
    • foods intended for consumption by more than one person (e.g., full meals, burgers, french fries, pizza, soups, salads, burritos, ice cream, large-sized bags or packages of chips, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, etc.)


In order to practice good stewardship of the library and its resources, 使用者在馆内进食或使用馆内陈设及设备时,须小心谨慎. Food can be easily spilled on library materials, furniture, equipment and carpet. Particles of food left behind may attract unwanted pests. Furthermore, damages to materials, 家具或地毯可能会导致图书馆的更换费用,使用户无法使用这些物品. 同时尽量减少图书馆资源的损坏风险,允许零食和带盖饮料 服务于长时间频繁出入图书馆的用户. 除了食物和饮料,还应考虑尊重他人使用图书馆资源. For example, 顾客不应将脚放在桌子表面(皇冠app提供脚凳), and patrons should leave equipment as they found it, etc.

Children in the Library

12岁以下儿童在图书馆必须有成人全程陪同. 成人必须监督儿童使用图书馆的所有设备和资源,并始终与儿童在一起.

Bicycles, Scooters and Skateboards

自行车和摩托车必须停放在图书馆外人行道上的自行车架上, not left on, or attached to, library ramps or railings. 滑板和倒塌的非机动滑板车不能在建筑物内使用. They must be collapsed where possible and carried in the building and kept on the floor, out of the way of other patrons. 在发生火灾或地震等紧急情况时,这些物体可能成为危险的障碍物.


Footwear must be worn in the library at all times for health and safety reasons.



Unattended Items

backpack and books on table

Personal items should not be left unattended, even for a few minutes. 皇冠app大学图书馆对无人看管的个人财产的盗窃或破坏行为不负责任. Items left unattended may be removed by Campus Safety or library personnel. 在小组自习室无人看管的物品可能会被其他图书馆使用者拿走,并带到失物招领处或校园安全处.

Unacceptable and Illegal Activities

任何妨碍图书馆运作或图书馆使用者学习或使用图书馆资源的行为都是不可接受的. Library staff may ask users to leave if they create a disturbance, pose a safety threat, refuse to abide by library policies, or otherwise diminish the use and enjoyment of the library by others. 不遵守或拒绝遵守图书馆工作人员的指示将被报告给校园安全官员. Library administration may also revoke a user’s library privileges.

The following activities are deemed unacceptable in the library:

  • Unplugging, 未经图书馆工作人员授权,搬动或企图搬动图书馆设备或财产.
  • Viewing sexually explicit material using library computers or a personal device.
  • Posting of announcements, flyers, personal invitations, etc. in or on library property.
  • 将图书馆资料隐匿于图书馆内,供个人或团体使用.
  • Ruining library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding, removing electronic theft-prevention devices, or in any other way damaging or defacing library materials, furniture, equipment, walls, or any other part of the building.
  • Smoking in the building or near entrances and exits. Biola is a smoke-free campus.
  • Failing to respect copyright laws, including persistent downloading, 在图书馆电脑或个人设备上列印或保存受版权保护的资料.
  • 在图书馆禁区内闲逛或在图书馆关门后仍留在馆内.
  • Opening emergency exits except in case of an emergency.
  • Making threats against library staff or patrons.
  • Conducting inappropriate public displays of affection.
  • Relocating library furniture.
  • Running power cords in traffic areas. 这会给其他人造成绊倒的危险,并可能导致您的设备损坏.